All donations, financial and in-kind will go to fulfill our purpose.

We Thank You For Your Generosity.


Ways To Donate...

1.) Send Check or Money Order To:

     Been There, Done That

     PO Box 2207

     Longview WA, 98632

  **Include Return Address So We Can Send A Tax Deductible Donation Receipt**

2.) To receive an information packet and pledge form complete name, mailing address, and email address in fields provided. 

3.) We will pick up all recyclable metals.

   **eg. scrap metal, appliances, vehicles, etc.** 

Insert contact information in required fields and we will contact you for pick up.

**A receipt for a tax deductible donation will be provided upon pick up**

4.) We will accept all sizes and all forms of clothing


  • Work wear-boots, pants, coats, safety clothes, etc.
  • Interview Style Clothes
  • Clothes for College Students

Insert contact information in required fields and we will contact you for pick up or delivery options.

**A receipt for a tax deductible donation will be provided upon pick up or delivery**